Now you can make your long distance call directly from your cell phone
Download the iPhone or Android app
Install the app on your cell phone
Login to your account, you will see the softphone setup information
Launch your cell phone app and setup the account
Now you can use your app to make the long distance phone call
Note: your cell phone needs WIFI or 3G/LTE Internet connection
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Why Choose BL Talk Long Distance Calls Service
Free to sign up and get credit to try
Call Details for each call
Integrate with office IP phone system
Enjoy the low long distance rate for your business
How to use BL Talk Long Distance Calls Service
Check balance: *0#
Press # after enter the phone number
Speed dial: 1#, 2#, 3# etc
Pin number: your 10 digits account number
You will hear beep if you have last minute left
When you use cell phone to call Toll free number, you must enter pin number
Questions? please refer to FAQ